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Colony 5
Since 2002, Colony 5 has been somewhat of a star on the synthpop and electro-dance scenes in Europe and America, consistently releasing excellent singles and building their reputation for accessible lyrics about love, the world, and our place in it. After releasing the highly acclaimed Fixed album on Storming the Base in 2005, Colony 5 return to North America on Artoffact Records with their brilliant, punchy, and enjoyable tour de force on Buried Again. While Knives, the single released by Artoffact in December, clearly showed a harder and stompier side to a band once hailed as futurepop, Colony 5 show that they are no one-trick pony. The album is really varied, highly original, and perfectly memorable. We open with a fast march on "Ghost" which instantly breaks open into a hard dancebeat and eerie synthline. The effect is less futurepop and more a unique blend of several prominent styles which have captured the industrial-goth scenes in the new millennium. Piano walks in, and we hear a touch of gothic, a bit of Deine Lakaien and Project Pitchfork. EBM beats pick us up, throw us around, and remind us that Hocico is here, too, especially on tracks like "Heart Attack" and "Knives". But tracks like "Absolute Religion" or "Too Young" show the softer more melodic and emotional side of Colony 5. The variety is refreshing.
Photobucket Head-less
Head-less is the bands name from the Lausitz, Germany, whose members have set themselves the goal to produce their own version of electronic pop music. In their songs head-less attach importance to a high degree of danceability and contemporary electronic sounds. Concerning the realm of music they are most likely to be classified to Electro/Futurepop with influences by different forms of electronic music. In the late ninetees they had their first musical attempts and decided to found a band. After a few recastings the line-up has been consisting of MATTHIAS MARKO[keys, programming], RENÉ HENTZSCHEL [vocals, lyrics], MARKUS OTTO [samples, management], since 2001. In autumn 2000 they released their debut EP/CD FRIENDSHIP that was produced in their own Headquarter-Studio. With the single they were not only able to have airplay-performances in the regional area and abroad but also to get positive criticism and acknowledgement by specialist publications and DJs. In the end of 2002 head-less released their debut album [transponder], including the title "Licht im Grau" that even advanced to a hit in some Saxon scene clubs.

Being a live-band they could make a name at numerous clubgigs and open air festivals, i.a. as support for bands like Blind Passengers, Colony 5, DE/ Vision, S.P.O.C.K., Mesh, Funker Vogt, Camouflage, Covenant & Project Pitchfork. Another highlight was touring with VNV Nation on the easteuropean part of their "Judgement Tour" in 2007. They were also support on Melotron's "Cliche Konzertreise" (2005) and "Propaganda Tour" (2007). Because of the charismatic singer and frontman Rene Hentzschels infectious stage performance the concerts are a real experience and disprove the cliché of the static synthie-show.

In 2004 head-less successfully took part in the Battle of the Bands, the contest of the scene magazin Sonic Seducer. Of about 500 bands of the European Gothic and Electro scene head-less managed to position themselves within the Top 5 of the renowned specialist jury. Inspired by that, head-less decided to produce further songs with Kolja Trelle (SOMAN), one of the top-producer concerning the Electro/Industrial Scene, in his KOLTRON studio. These are released in form of the SHIP OF AGONY E.P., that also offers a few remixes of well-known and internationally successful bands. So the successful American Electro formation Assemblage 23, the Swedish Colony 5 as well as the German Accessory, Cephalgy and Rector Scanner, among others, contributed their versions of diverse head-less songs to the E.P.. One will definitely ensure some sensation also with this publication in the scene again.

In 2006 they continued working with producer Kolja Trelle and as result the second CD ROUGE ET NOIR was released in 2007. The Ship Of Agony E.P. was featured as bonusdisc on the special edition of this CD. Rouge Et Noir was very positive received by the DJ´s and the people and reached No. 8 at the DAC (german alternative charts). To promote Rouge Et Noir head-less started their ROUGE ET NOIR-CLUBTOUR in 2006/07 with more than 20 shows in germany and countries like poland, czech republik, slovakia, hungary and an incredible show in moscow.

head-less have the qualifications and abilities to stand out of a big number of electroacts so that they will be appreciated by the audience and in the clubs.

Model by: London Shadows
London Shadows has captured the goth Industrial Scene as a resident dj at Midnight. Since then, she has proved to be adept in both modeling and make-up artist. Through the years she has had the opportunity to work with esteemed photographers as Larry Bradby, Angel Morales, Fuzztek, and Darker-Side of-Midnight, therefore earning the reputation as a serious model who is committed to her craft. January 14, 2007 she was featured as Goth Girl of the week. Currently, when not dj’ing for Side-line, she can be found will be making appearance at events such as Exotica Expo 3 in Detroit.

Miss Synesthesia Photography by: Miss Synesthesia
I am a promoter for bands/ clubs/ shows/ artists/ etc. working from DC as well as areas in MD and FL. I only promote for things that i have an interest in. I co-run a monthly club night in DC as well. I'm an artist currently focusing on photography. I model in my spare time (goth/fetish/horror) as well and have been featured in photography showings including SMB-X, and Alchemy, as well as numerous local shows. I am also an agent for local artists and put together and run small art shows as well as travel to show portfolios. I put portfolios together for artists and promo packages together for bands. If you send me 250-1000 flyers i distribute them. There is a fee that is negotiable for most of my services.
Record Label: Radio Active Music
Radio-Active-Music.com was founded by Valdyr - a name that anyone immersed in this side of the industry may be familiar with. While her start in the entertainment business came through theatre technology and design, she has broadened her range to include a wide variety of artist support, including, of course, music promotion.
As fate would have it, she landed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during college in becoming an intern for D1 Music Network, an independent record company founded by Jay Gordon of Orgy. During her time there (and she still helps with D1 to this day) she gained experience in online DJ'ing, band webdesign, A&R, and eventually went on to be the editor for the journalism staff. While working for D1, she was introduced to Fluffy Starr, and had the opportunity to design and maintain her website for three years. As time went on, Valdyr has had the opportunity to design for other bands such as Dead Sexy, Redrum, Lani, and Alienhead;But her interest in band promotion didn't end with web design. The excitement she had gained in working for D1 had expanded to a point where she felt the need to take indie band promotion to the next level for electro/industrial bands. And so Radio-Active-Music.com was born in 2004 as a way to help bands in this area of music get ahead;In the meantime, Valdyr continues her theatre work, and also supports several other music-related businesses. She currently is serving as the online promotions coordinator for Electricult Records - an indie label in Australia (with distribution through MGM) founded by Manek of Dead Inside The Chrysalis. She is also working as the head of promotions for Strangeland Records - a hot new indie record store in the Washington, DC metro specifically catering to electronic, industrial, metal, and punk music
Deep6  Resident DJ’s: Vlad, Dj MisS Guided