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07.03.08:: Exposure goes "OLD SKOOL"
DJ Solaries, DJ Coppertop and Steve EP 

model:: Vasara Noxxul 
artist:: Michael Auger

DJ Solaries
"You can run down an alphabetical list of past/present D.C.and Baltimore Gothic events
(Alchemy, Ambrosia, Karma, and Midnight.) and be hard-pressed to find a single one at which she hasn't been a resident, promoter, and/or guest. DJ Solaries has also appeared behind the decks at major clubs and events on both U.S. coasts, from Nocturne in Philadelphia to
Convergence 11 in San Diego to Dracula's Ball in 2005. Recently,she guest DJ'ed at Dracula's ball on 5/24/08 and rocked the house down with her recent and old-school selection. She's been asked to return to SMB (Summer Masquerade Ball) this time around and please look for advertisement on that coming soon. With her first guest spot at Exposure, DJ Solaries will provide old-school favorites (EBM, Industrial, Goth hits) that you probably haven't heard in years. Solaries is very much a request friendly DJ.

DJ Coppertop
Some people remember her by the name DJ Duracell. Mark (tonedeaf records) licensed the name "Copper Top" when she did the Vinyl Conflict mix released in 2003. She has been promoting and DJing, combined, for about fifteem years. Copper Top promoted club raves in the early 90s, and got deeper into the darker + synthpop genres in the mid to late 90s. She has booked dozens and dozen's of national/international acts in the last decade and more. Copper Top began to get serious about DJing in the last six years. She prefers to beatmatch and craft her set like electronica DJs, and not so much like "request" or mobile DJs. Each has their place!! Her ultimate goals are to see more genre-crossing electronica/dark electronica events, and to see the darker and synthpop DJs respected by their own scene and by the other electronic scenes as well. DJ Copper Top has released six DJ mixes on labels, including the Tone Deaf release in 2003; a label mix for the "A Different Drum" label in January, 2005; two live label mixes for "Infacted Records" out of Germany on July 11, 2005 and June 25, 2006; a licensed DJ club mix "Hysteria" on her own label: Amalgam, July 31, 2005; and finally the latest live and licensed DJ mix "Dirt Cheap", also on Amalgam, released September 1, 2006. She has spun in over 50 cities, in six countries, to nearly 25,000 fans.

DJ Steve EP
Steve EP has been bringing "80's genre" parties to the DC area for many years. One of the masterminds behind FYM productions, Steve Ep is responsible for such events as, Cry Fest Smiths vs Cure, 80's Mayhem and most recently the Depeche Mode party.
Vasara Noxxul

Vasara has been modeling for over 6 years. Most of her experience is with printwork, glamour, fine art, artistic nudes, and fetish fashion. She also has done a lot of figure work, mainstream fashion, and some runway shows. "I'm very interested in artistic collaberation, and also in being the canvas for another's vision. My goal is not to just be some pretty girl in a pretty picture, but to be involved in creating striking and emotive imagery. I adore self-expression and a well developed sense of aesthetics."
Michael Auger 

residents: MissGuided RasDNA 

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