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Oldsmobile Mike's

08.07.08:: PUREVIL "what what in da butt" BIRTHDAY BASH!!! (bring a condom)

Live Performance by: The Opposite Sex
Photography by: Random.Eye.Candy Photography
Guest DJ: DuJour of Midnight
Hostess: Red Terret

Exposure happens Every Thursday at LIV Nightclub
2001 11th Street NW Washington DC 20001
18+ event | cover $5.00 21+/$7 18-21
open 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM


Live Performances by: Opposite Sex
For five years now, the Washington, DC quartet of vocalist Helton, bassist Bernardi, guitarist Kularajah, and drummer Srvjcek has been reviving the spirit of the late '70s/early '80s post-punk and goth rock movement. Comparisons to the early works of bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Southern Death Cult, and Joy Division run rampant, but the dynamic between the members of The Opposite Sex creates an atmosphere that cuts through the simplicity of the genres those great influences spawned, returning to the original sense of rebellion and abandon they once exhibited. First releasing their debut self-titled EP, and culminating in 2007's Violent Heartstrings, The Opposite Sex is a steadily rising star, being invited to play the Drop Drop Dead Festival 4, Winterfest '07, and Popnoise 3 as well as performing a spring show for fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Continuing to play shows across the East Coast, the band is currently at work on an upcoming new album, which promises to take their dark, expansive, yet enriching sound even further with themes of unrequited love and life in a confused age.

Guest DJs: DuJour of Midnight
DuJour may be Midnight’s newest resident, but she’s no stranger to the club scene. Since making her debut back in 2005, she’s been a frequent and popular guest. Always request friendly, her musical tastes run the full gothic/industrial/synthpop gamut. Some of her favorites include Ayria, Icon of Coil, In Strict Confidence, Suicide Commando, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM. Check out her Internet radio station ( djdujour) for a taste of what you might hear in her sets at The Meeting Place. DuJour has been a resident at 80’s Night at the Blue Iguana (currently on hiatus for football season) and has guested at clubs throughout the region including Ascension, Bound, The Dawning, Syndrome and Arcadia. She also works as a mobile DJ, taking her show on the road You can contact her at or

Photography by: Random.Eye.Candy Photography
Lauren Garczynski, better know as Lady Ren, is a graphic designer, photographer and promoter currently located in Baltimore, MD. Since she was in her freshman year of high school, she has covered events such as concerts and weddings, as well as assisted in the portfolio expansion of several models of the alternative nature. Ren has also been a part of multiple local and international band projects which have resulted in press kits, promotional packages, as well as two full length CDs. Her work has been featured in The Baltimore Business Journal, The Baltimore Sun, as well as Alternative Press Magazine.


Ren is currently a senior at Stevenson University pursuing her bachelor's degree in Visual Communications. Best known for her photography, Ren has run her own company, random eye candy photography, since 2001.

Ren is recognized for her unique style and professional delivery of her images. She has clients from New Jersey to North Carolina and continues to grow as a freelance artist every year. Ren is currently the house photographer at Rapture at Club Orpheus in downtown Baltimore on Saturday Nights. Come out and say hello to her! Look for lady with the bright flash and big camera!

Hostess: Red Terret

Resident Deep6 DJs: Vlad & RasDNA