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05.08.08 :: FYM Take-Over - Krasty Mc Nasty, Killa K & DJ Steve EP & Visuals by VJ Umbris


Hosted by: Krasty Mc Nasty

One of the founding member of FYM, responsible for visuals and musical formatting.  She has played in several bands to include Eastern Standard Time (DC), Manual (DC), The Eclectics (Chicago), and with Josh Reed (DC).  They have toured the US and Europe.  She can currently be found bee keeping and kicking your ass in her spare time.  Also, check her out May 30th at the "black cat" for Depeche Mode Party.


Model: Killa K

Killa K works for forbidden pictures, an independent production company.  Their last production was Chainsaw Sally. They are currently in production with the sequel.  She is an actress in, “the line producer” and the first assistant director for “The Good Sisters”.   She was a spokes model for nightmare gloves, and has done horror, runway, and editorial modeling in Baltimore and DC for the past 8 years. 


Killa K acting in Silverscream:



Guest DJ: Steve EP

Steve EP is the man behind FYM Productions he has been bringing "80's genre" parties to the DC area for many years.  FYM parties include Cry Fest, Eighties Mayhem and Depeche Mode Party which will be May 30th at the Black Cat.

Visuals By: VJ Umbris

VJ Umbris is the best when it comes to providing InterActive Visual Arts to the scene.  He has performed at many Deep6 events to include shows with Razed In Black, Snog, Armageddon Dildos, and Caustic. We are Happy that he will join us this thursday at Exposure. Currently, he can be found weekly doing visuals for Rapture at club Orpheus in MD.

Deep6 Resident DJs  Purevil, MindCage & RasDna