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07.10.08:: Live Performance by: Sanctum & Mago, Hostess: Karin, Record Labels: Cold Meat Industry & Ad Noiseam

Hostess: Karin
Live Performance by: Sanctum
With the aim to have a more experimental approach than in their early work and also emphasizing the emotional aspect of their music, still in the field of electronic music, Håkan Paulsson and Jan Carleklev formed Sanctum in 1994. Sanctum was joined by the singer Lena Robért and the cellist Marika Kante, which unfortunately left the band in 2001. In the foreground doesn't stand the wish to follow any specific genre, but the attraction of combining harsh sounds with the more beautiful and light, accepting the influence classic and modern orchestral music had on them. Since sanctums first release in 1996 the band has continued working and ongoing performed new material. check also other crescens collective projects: Mago Parca pace Azure Skies
Live Performance by: Mago
When Mago was started in 1999 the idea of a project that should be kind of beaty, not pure dance music but music with a groove was discussed. On the way the beats got slower, most likely due to the fascination of monotony that overcame jan and resulted in very flowing, emotional music, more electronic orientated compared to their projects before. In the case of the first Mago release definition of raw moments from a different perspective in the end four people were working on the album. Besides Jan Carleklev and Håkan Paulsson, contributions came from Ulrika Carlsson and Stephanie Euler.

Record Label: Cold Meat Industry

Cold Meat Industry is a Swedish label which was established already in 1987, and has since remained as one of the leading and most influential labels of the alternative genre; as an inspiring source for innumerable artists and labels around the world.

The conceptual idea behind the label still remains the same, to release enjoyable music with a deeper reflection on life and death, within the musical spectrum of dystopia varying from dark to darker, from ambient industrial to acoustic folk, from beautiful to that which is just painful, exploring both the philosophical and the subversive activities of human kind and its psyche.

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Record Label: Ad Noiseam
Deep6 Resident DJ: Purevil, Vlad