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Every Thursday @ LIV Nightclub
2001 11th Street NW
Doors @ 9pm
$12 - 18 and over

This week's spotlight:

06.12.08 :: XOTOX - Hyperactive 'Best Of' CD Release Party :: VJ Umbris :: Guest DJ:DJ Shunt (bulgaria) :: Deep6 DJ's: Vlad & MindCage

Xotox was founded in 1998 as a solo-project by Andreas Davids.  Adequately described by himself as "industrial for hyperactive people", the xotox-sound is characterized by hard beats, catchy melodies and merciless noise-attacks. Hyperactive is Xotox's first North American release, and this "best of" is the perfect introduction for one of Germany's most innovative rhythmic/power noise bands. This 'best of' collection features such tracks as "Eisenkiller", "Industrial Madness", "[Xo]toxic" and "Winterblut" featuring vocals by X-Fusion.   Also included are 4 tracks from the out-of-print "Die Unruhe" CD, 2 exclusive tracks and a Noisuf-X remix of "Lass Mich". Allin all 17 tracks in total. More news at

www.vendetta-music.com . Below is the tracklist:
  1. Eisenkiller
  2. Bypass
  3. Nothing
  4. Nightmare
  5. Mechanische Unruhe (original version)
  6. Nasse Wände (original version)
  7. Stammzellenforschung
  8. Pumpe/Düse
  9. [Xo]Toxic
  10. Industrial Madness
  11. Winterblut *
  12. Tote Bäume
  13. Bohrung 25
  14. Roboterkrieg
  15. Offizium **
  16. Degeneration **
  17. Lass Mich (Noisuf-x Remix)
    * vocals by X-Fusion
    ** exclusive tracks

VJ Umbris

VJ Umbris is the best when it comes to providing InterActive Visual Arts to the scene. He has performed at many Deep6 events to include shows with Razed In Black, Snog, Armageddon Dildos, and Caustic. We are Happy that he will join us this thursday at Exposure. Currently, he can be found weekly doing visuals for Rapture at club Orpheus in MD.

 DJ Shunt (Bulgaria)

DJ Shunt has been working as professional DJ for the last 5 years. During that period he has had several weekly residences at underground clubs in the local scene. As well as several guest appearances in major clubs and guest appearances abroad. He has also performed as a guest DJ at several shows live on national Bulgarian music channel called MMtv, DJ Shunt co-founded Studio A with DJ julianep. Studio A is a non-profit project which main target is to promote underground (for Bulgaria) artists. The club is based on the principle of US and Central European synth/industrial clubs.They have started playing new music in front of audience they have generated over the years, and as a result of their work, fans of artists such as: And One, Assemblage 23, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, De/Vision, Mesh, VNV Nation found a place where they can meet fellows and listen to their favorite tracks.

Deep6 Resident DJs:
Vlad & MindCage