Imperative Reaction
Imperative Reaction returns with Minus All, the follow up to their highly acclaimed 2006 release As We Fall. Minus All combines the purely electronic, almost rock feel of their last two albums and expands upon this feel, with thirteen tracks of unbridled aggression. Whether aimed at the dance floors, or the darker, more brooding tracks, IR’s intoxicating mix of driving, urgent melodies and anthemic vocals will continue to win over fans worldwide

[:SITD:] is a German electro-industrial band founded in 1996 by Carsen Jacek and Thorsten Lau as Shadows in the Dark. After a quiet two years, SITD returns with the all new album Bestie:Mensch. Having already won over dance floors worldwide, [:SITD:] now cements its place as a major force in the electro-industrial scene. Bestie:Mensch features 11 machine-tooled tracks, exploring the darker side of mankind’s psyche. [:SITD:]’s signature blend of pummeling beats, dense sonic layers, and top notch production is complimented with a range of new influences. Bestie:Mensch flows from uncompromising harsh EBM stompers to melodic, almost-pop songs, from more experimental Electro to highly danceable club tracks. [:SITD:] has returned with a perfectly crafted album, destined to cause an impact on the electro-industrial music scene for a long time to come.

Aesthetic Perfection
“A Violent Emotion” is an aggressive floor shaker with searing shouts, deep bass beats and an absolutely infernal drive… but it is also so much more. Daniel Graves goes far beyond standard 4-to-the-floor-stompers and ever-similar Trance-licks, knowing full well that, just like any other kind of music, a hard inferno will profit from intelligent song writing, versatile sound design and a combination of different influences and that aggressive parts will hit you even more effectively when contrasted with catchy melodies. Hard club smashers meet EBM-sequencers, Synth Pop influences, heavy shuffling stompers and Electropunk. Graves is also not only a master at relentlessly aggressive shouts but has got a pretty impressive singing voice as well. He, thus, cunningly integrates melodic vocals parts into his sonic inferno, thus creating a sense of tension that few others in hard Electro can match - like the ominous calm before a devastating storm. It is rather clear that the lyrics on “A Violent Emotion” will not invoke any infantile “I am so evil!”-clichés, either, rather aiming at the personal realm … hitting it where it really hurts. The album contains the club hit “Pale” (from “Awake the Machines Vol. 6”) and was co-produced and mastered by Krischan J.E. Wesenberg (Rotersand.) This is intelligent hard stuff… violent AND emotional!

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