Exposure at Club LIV - EVERY THURSDAY! Exposure Every Thursday @ Club LIV 2001 11th Street NW Doors @ 9pm $5 - 21+ / $7 - 18-20 Free before 10pm DJs this week: MindCage Purevil RasDNA This week's spotlight: Hostesses/Model: Danni Demalia Starting as an import car model at the age of 18, but unsatisfied with the lack of pride and self expression in that industry Danielle made the jump to independent film. She has always had a love for acting and horror films so the transition was very easy. Since 2005 Danielle has appeared in eight independent films, slated to release later in 2008. She has worked very closely with Darkstone Entertainment on films such as Darken, Democ, Jester, Skeleton Key 2: 667 the neighbor of the beast, Triad, and Skeleton Key 3: the organ trail. As well as with Red Army and Dark Cloude Productions on The Creightonville Terror. She has also associated herself with a charity called Scares that Care, and will be appearing in a film for them called Los Locos Vs. The Fang Gang, where all profits will go to Johnís Hopkins childrenís center. When she is not on a movie set Danielle is also does promotional modeling for Coorís Light. She is said to be the next big thing and a rising starlet in her own right. If she does not win you over with her beauty and unique look, certainly her talent, charm, adaptability and warm smile will. Keep an eye out for this one, her talent is beyond the realm of scream queen. Photography By: Eduardo Rodriguez Guest DJ: V:shal Although untrained as an artist, v:shal kanwar is a prolific painter & performance installationist, as well as a dj and musician, who has been featured at a number of venues around the us, as well as new delhi and bombay (india). a natural artist and musician from very early in his life, his art draws on a number of classical and modern traditions and techniques, as well as many improvised techniques. as a child growing up in nigeria, he was influenced both by the local culture, and his parents' love of classical indian music. his father a remarkable vocalist in his own right and mother encouraged him from a very young age to express artistically. it was this lifelong personal relationship with art and music which helped develop v:ks unique style. when his father unexpectedly passed away in 1987, followed by his beloved mother in 2002, v:k turned to art and music for solace. the result was a remarkable collection of paintings, many of which were subsequently reserved for purchase prior to completion.