Photos from Patrick "Putz"

05.29.08 :: Live Performance byDestroid & Stygios, Visuals By: VJ Umbris , Models/Hostess:Monster, Photography byDenise Designs, Deep6 Resident DJs: Purevil & RasDna 


































Hold on tight and fasten your seatbelts because this musical trip through the vast realms of the Electro-genre will stifle your senses! Narrow-mindedness and pigeon-holing are a thing of the past! Destroid, fronted by Yamazaki and Haujobb-mastermind Daniel Myer, do not give a damn about the conventional approach and will render all attempts on categorizing their style utterly futile. They feel at home in hardfloor, the classic EBM-style, in Synth- and Futurepop, and are not in fear of churning out the odd dark ballad either. The result is a mind-blowing acoustic journey that manages to always keep on the thin line of sounding homogenous, while at the other time hopping wildly through different styles. Destroid masters all nuances of modern electronic music in the blink of an eye and leave their rivals clinging to their own conventions, condemning themselves to eternal stagnation. The concept of Destroid is about breaking these conventions - they thus manage to create one of the most exciting releases to hit the Electro-scene for a long time. So, open you mind and swallow the red pill in form of Future Prophecies and get ready to embark on the trip of your lifetime! found at

Stygios  (stij - ee - us)

Blending all aspects of emotion through electronics Stygios presents a darkwave/industrial feel. Infusing ambient and aggressive synthesis with lush strings, acoustic/distorted guitars, melodic to processed vocals, and intelligent lyrics that stem from the views and personal life experiences of songwriter Josh Creamer.

VJ Umbris 

VJ Umbris is the best when it comes to providing InterActive Visual Arts to the scene.  He has performed at many Deep6 events to include shows with Razed In Black, Snog, Armageddon Dildos, and Caustic. We are Happy that he will join us this thursday at Exposure. Currently, he can be found weekly doing visuals for Rapture at club Orpheus in MD.

Monster has been modeling on and off since she was 17.  She took a break in 2006 to early 07 for the birth of her daughter. Though she's not a club person, she can be spotted at almost any industrial/ metal show in DC and Baltimore.  She's worked with Larry Bradby, KaNor Geeston, James Groves, Evil, Moraxian. Her pictures can be seen in Secrets Fetish Anthology 5, Club Salvation Miami flyer, Deadly Creations calender, Graffity Girls model, Toxic Shock Records and Cyanotic T shirt model.

Denise Designs

Denise is a photographer working out of Baltimore, Maryland.  She specialize in a photojournalistic style that captures life as it, raw and unpredictable.  She never know what's going to happen next... a great shot, a boot to the side of my head, or being splattered with beer, jell-o or mud. It's the stuff that keeps life interesting & seems to mesh with my twisted personality.  She works mainly with local bands, providing live show photos, promo shots for press kits, CD covers & inserts, as well as designing layouts & graphics for CDs, logos & posters.

Deep6 Resident DJs Purevil & RasDna