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Oldsmobile Mike's

Due to scheduling difficulties Die Sektor and Dyksick will not be performing

Exposure will be in the Caverns tonight

07.31.08::    Guest DJs: Worms of the Earth , Neska Sailor Gloom ,


Live Performances by: Sailor Gloom

DJ Sailor Gloom currently resides in Stuttgart, Germany; previously hailing from the island of Oahi in Hawaii,  where he spun at Flesh, and Dungeon.
He has been a resident at Shockwave and Deca-Dance and guest DJd at Noctuary.
This year he has spun at DEFCON 15, opening for Regenerator, CONVERGENCE 12 in New Orleans and previously at DEFCON 14 for the Cult of the Dead Cow Ninja Strike Force Party!..

DJ Sailor Gloom loves all music, but especially Industrial, EBM, synthpop, and darkwave. He hasn't forgotten his New Wave or Punk roots either!

Guest DJs: Dan of Worms of the Earth

In 2003, [.d4n b4rr3tt.] began his first experiments in sonic terror, creating the entity known as Worms of the Earth. Like many in the industrial music underground, [b4rr3tt.] sought to make an impact with a dramatic and fiery mix of harsh tones and noisy beats that would demand attention from listeners and leave an impression on a world so over-saturated with sound-alike bands and familiarity. At the same time, [b4rr3tt.] would find himself collaborating with several like-minded artists in the scene, both musically through several split-EPs and remixes, and through his own label and Web-zine, Wounds of the Earth. Releasing two albums for free over the Internet, [b4rr3tt.]'s music has undergone a progressive shift in tonality and focus, from the terror EBM that permeated Tides of Dream and Madness to the more aggressive and distorted realms explored on Earth: Post-Industrial Dystopia. Never satisfied with the state of musical evolution in the industrial underground, [b4rr3tt.] continues his mission to pursue harsher and more epic avenues with his new music, culminating in the first compilation for Wounds of the Earth, featuring an assortment of fellow acts like Vicious Alliance, Experiment Haywire, and Viscera Drip. As one of two bands representing Baltimore, MD at the first ever Nuclearfest in July 2007, ReGen had the opportunity to speak with [b4rr3tt.] about his thoughts on the present state of the industrial music scene and what will be the next step in his own musical evolution.

Resident Deep6 DJs: Vlad & Mindcage