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Vlad In 1997, DJ Vlad took his first drive at the booth in Rhode Island, at a very shorted lived club called "Imperium". He returned to the DJing world in 2000 at Purgatorio in Washington, D.C., which later evolved into the Tuesday night event, Schadenfreude. He has also made many guest appearances in many clubs in the DC metropolitan area, as well as in Baltimore, Sin in Philadelphia, L'Enklave and the Piano Vache in Paris, The Dawning in Charlottesville, the Drop Dead Festival in New York, the Sp00ky II festival in 2001, and Freaks United in 2002. From 2003 to the end of 2005, Vlad also held residency at chiarOscuro and Syndrome in DC, and spun at the first Dracula's Ball of 2006 in Philadelphia!
DJ Vlad also reviews music and interviews artists for Re-Gen and Side-Line magazines, which he has been doing now for over six years. Along with Ras DNA, Vlad is also a member of the local industrial-goth booking agency Deep 6 Productions.

MisS Guided DJ MisS Guided has been making a name for herself as a dj and promoter in and around the DC area. A Honolulu transplant, MisS Guided is a current resident at UBU, DC and a former resident to Dollhouse, DC and Dungeon, HI. She can be found frequently Dj’ing at Alchemy, DC and has played events such as Convergence XII, LA, Black Sun Festival, CT, Freaks United, DC and Bondage Ball, CA. MisS Guided has opened for Das Ich in London and spun along side Romell of Razed in Black in New York. In her spare time, she designs custom clothing and her unique looks have put her on the cover of several compilation cd’s for Cleopatra Records. MisS Guided will arouse your taste and sense of what music should be. Few master the flow of seamless genre shifting within one set. Her Industrial roots shine as she occasionally dips into the more popular world of new wave and 80s. But she's also been known to deliver sessions of straight EBM without an ounce of deviation. Many factors contribute to where a set will go, but the final product won't be known, even to MisS Guided, until it's over.
VladMindCage has been a fixture on the D.C. music circuit for more than a decade. A former resident DJ at BOUND, Exile, and Delerium. MindCage has guest DJed at numerous clubs in the DC area including Nation, The Edge, Insomnia, 930 Club, Entre Nous, Asylum, Heaven & Hell, Tom Tom Club, Erico's, Midnight, Velvet Lounge, Visions, Pier 9, The Cage, Murali's, FIVE, Bohemian Caverns, Bar Nun and more. Additionally, he's spun in Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, NYC, Philly, Vegas and more.

Starting in the year 2002, MindCage joined the band Mindless Faith taking on the duties of playing electronic drums and guitar. Mindless Faith has always been one of his favorite industrial bands to spin and see play live. The live shows are very intense and will keep people dancing and the crowd moving. In June 2005, he also joined the live line-up for the resurrected historical industrial-rock band Chemlab.

VladMoving regularly throughout his life Purevil's one constant has always been music. After falling in love with electronic music in the early 90's, he began DJing in the rave scene around 1994 under the alias Apothecary. Having transitioned in from the metal and punk music scene and tending toward darker forms of music, gradually progressed from house and trance into DJing industrial and Drum and Bass. After watching the quality of raves diminish rapidly he exited the scene entirely in 1998 and realigned his focus assuming up the moniker Purevil from his online competitive FPS video gaming to better represent his harder sound. Finding the dark electronic genera horribly underrepresented in the party scene he founded Propaganda Productions in 1999 to fill in. Having since brought talent in from around the world to perform and in return having been offered innumerable opportunities to DJ nationally and internationally he continued it until moving to Washington, DC in 2005. In DC with an active industrial scene he saw no need to continue Propaganda but kept up his DJing. Beginning to to associate with local promoters he noticed a void and with the dissolution of Club Nation decided to join forces and with them renewed their former promotions collective deep6. Dabbling in electronic music of all sorts but specializing in the dark electronic genera's he is currently fulfilling the roll of the avantgarde and exotic industrial within DJ in the collective and having a blast doing it. You are likely to hear drum and bass, dark step, breakcore, rhythmic noise and underground industrial music influences amongst others in his normal repertoire. As a sideline he has occasionally acted as a tour manager for some of the acts he has become friends with over the years. He continues to operate his record label livevil looking for new and established artists that want to rise above the norm to release. Also as opportunity permits he writes music reviews for several webzines and is a perpetual feature music festivals and random shows around the world, so keep an eye and ear out.
Ras DNAA perennial D.C. favorite, DJ Ras DNA is a legend in the D.C. scene for churning out industrial music. Not only has he held residencies at Bound and Alchemy, he has spun out of town at events like Dracula' Ball in Philadelphia, as well as Convergence XI in Chicago!Outside of his DJ activities, RAS DNA is also known as a founding member of the local industrial-goth booking agency Deep 6 Productions, an organization that has been responisble for bringing nearly every show that fits within those genres to the area for nearly the last decade.



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